Burn Injuries

A burn injury can be one of the most traumatic personal injuries a person can suffer — both physically and emotionally. The pain, discomfort and recovery process are intense and long lasting, and the potential scarring or disfigurement can have a psychological impact that can last a person’s lifetime. The injury can require months or even years of hospitalization, rehabilitation, and psychological counseling to deal not only with the physical symptoms, but also the psychological trauma.

Burn injuries can be caused from defective products, automobile accidents, or negligently maintained property. A burn injury can force a person to spend years undergoing rehabilitative treatment and reconstructive surgeries to reclaim their life.

At Yan Kenyon, we understand the complexity of burn injuries and know how long it takes to complete the treatment process. We develop and document the complete range of medical, therapeutic and rehabilitative services necessary to sustain a burn victim for years, or even a lifetime.

No-cost initial consultation for burn injury cases
If you need advice and representation to pursue your rights in a severe burn case, contact Yan Kenyon at 702.888.0000 today for a free initial consultation. We will listen to your story, explore your case with you, and give you an honest assessment of your case. If it merits legal action, we will represent you at no cost, collecting a fee only if you win your case. Our attorneys are zealous advocates for people who have been injured because of the negligence or carelessness of other individuals or organizations, and we will represent your best interests with passion and purpose.

For your convenience, we offer home and hospital visits for burn injury victims. Our team of attorneys at Yan Kenyon will provide you with the experience, strategy and commitment that protect your rights and claims.

Call 702.888.0000 today for a free initial consultation on your burn injury case. Yan Kenyon charges no fees on burn injury cases unless you win.*

*You may have to pay the opposing party’s attorney fees and costs in the event of a loss.