Defective Products Liability

From power tools to heavy equipment, tainted food to faulty car components, defective products encompass a wide variety of manufactured goods. As attorneys, we must prove that the product that caused injury was either designed poorly or put together defectively, rendering it unreasonably dangerous. Both manufacturers and distributors of the product are legally liable for any injuries caused by their unreasonably dangerous, defective products.

Many people who are injured by a product believe it to be their own fault; however, often times, that is not the case, and it is worth a call to our office at 702.888.0000 for a free consultation.

Manufacturers and sellers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their products, when used in the intended manner, do not cause harm to consumers. This responsibility extends to designers, wholesalers, retailers and anyone else involved with making, distributing or selling of consumer products.

Ask the Defective Products Liability Attorney
Q: What makes a product “defective?”

A: Every product you purchase and use should be safe. The manufacturer, seller or distributor of a project can be held responsible for the harm caused by product defects, which include:

  • Design defects — these defects occur before the product is created, in the initial planning phase.
  • Manufacturing defects — these defects are the result of mistakes or problems that occur during the production process. These type of defects may only affect a few items out of many safe products.
  • Ineffective warnings — if a product is inherently dangerous, or may be dangerous if it is foreseeable a consumer may misuse it, then distributors have a duty to effectively warn people of such hazards. Nevada courts have ruled that manufacturers have a duty to warn purchasers or users of products of the dangers associated with the intended use or reasonably foreseeable misuse of their products, and their failure to do so can make them liable for the consequent injuries.

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