Estate Planning

Yan Kenyon offers estate planning packages. Packages may include a revocable trust as well as medical advance directives. Because Yan Kenyon is geared toward busy individuals and sophisticated business clients, Yan Kenyon is able to handle simple personal estate planning packages quickly and economically.

Ask the Estate Planning Attorney
Q: What is estate planning?
A: Estate planning is preparing your estate.  Your estate is everything that you leave behind when you die.  If you do not do any preparation, the law has provisions, i.e., intestate laws, for the future disposition of your assets and in some cases, your dependents.  Also, the IRS may tax your estate if it exceeds a certain amount.  You may disagree with the laws of intestacy or try to avoid estate taxes.  If so, you may implement certain instruments and tools in order to ensure that your estate is handled exactly as you wish.  This way, only you, as opposed to the government or your family, dictates the future of your estate.  Further, estate planning includes advance directives and durable powers of attorney, which are instruments that speak or appoint proxies to speak for you in the case that you are incapacitated.  Again, this avoids the consequence of the law speaking in your stead.