Premises Liability

If you experience injuries on the property of another person or organization due to unsafe or dangerous conditions, the property owner may be held liable for your injuries, and you may be entitled to compensatory damages for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and the treatment of your injuries.

In Nevada, possessors or owners of land have a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect the safety of all people who enter their property. Landowners who fail to take proper precautions to protect the safety of visitors can be held liable for the resulting injuries.

The attorneys at Yan Kenyon can help you handle the wide variety of challenging medical, emotional and legal questions surrounding injuries due to negligent maintenance of property. We handle all types of premises liability injuries, including:

  • Animal attacks
  • Assaults by security guards
  • Defective, inadequate or inoperative lighting
  • Dog Bites
  • Failure to warn or to correct hazardous conditions
  • Inadequate security
  • Pool accidents
  • Slippery or wet floors
  • Slipping or tripping due to a dangerous condition on sidewalks, stairs, or balconies
  • Tenant slip, trip and fall injuries caused by landlord negligence

Serious injuries that should never have happened
Injuries from slip and falls, dog bites, negligent security, and other cases of premises liability, can range from mild to severe: from sprains, burns, broken bones, or a fractured skull; to brain damage, paralysis or even death. You may be unable to work, your medical bills may be staggering, and you may have debilitating injuries that will require expensive short- or long-term rehabilitation. You deserve to be compensated.

No-cost initial consultation for premises liability cases
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For your convenience, we offer home and hospital visits. Our team of attorneys at Yan Kenyon will provide you with the experience, strategy and commitment that protect your rights and claims.

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